Wild Child is an educational program of Sierra Club Canada Foundation and has been connecting children, youth, and families to nature since 2010. The mission of our Wild Child programs is to provide child led, play based learning through repeated exposure to nature helping to foster a lasting relationship with the natural world.

Wild Child program brings fun environmental education and encourages staff and children to get outside, play games and age appropriate activities to learn about their environment and the other critters they share their community with. Since January 2019, we expanded the Wild Child movement to Alberta as we strongly believe that all children and youth should have the opportunity to play and learn in natural areas.


Sierra Club Prairie Chapter is searching for a nature-loving individual to assist with the delivery and evaluation of our Wild Child Programs. Our ideal candidate would love being outside in all weathers and enjoys playing with kids, with an eye for safety and risk management.

One of the most notable accomplishments of Wild Child, is the capacity of bringing together a coalition of educational institutions that envision a better future for children. Wild Child provides opportunities for active exploration of urban nature and constructed deep environmental knowledge of the world around us. Wild Child Edmonton now has three established and recognized programs: 1) Nature Immersion, 2) ECO-Buddies and 3) Forest School. All programs provide child led, play-based learning through repeated exposure to urban nature.

Accomplishments 2019/2020

With funding from Alberta Eco Trust, we delivered 24 Nature Immersion programs in 2019, engaging in 3,240 hours of outdoor play (540 participants, 51 teachers and 96 volunteers).

With funding from Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) we hosted 15 ECO-Buddies programs in 2020, engaging in 538 hours spent outdoors (269 participants, 10 teachers, 10 programs, 5 workshops).

With Funding from CIP- Government of Alberta we hosted 1 Family Event Winter 2020, engaging in 126 hours of outdoor play (63 participants, 2 staff, 1 volunteer).

With Funding from CIP- Government of Alberta we hosted 7 Forest School programs Summer 2020, engaging in 960 hours of outdoor play (64 participants, 3 staff).

With Funding from CIP- Government of Alberta we will host 4 Forest School programs Fall 2020 programs (September 15-November 15), engaging in an estimate of 1161 hours of outdoor play, (43 participants, 3 staff).

With funding from Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) we will host 20 ECO-Buddies programs in 2020/2021, and 10 workshops.

With Funding from CIP- Government of Alberta & Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF), we created a unique online platform that empowers families and children to spend time outdoors and increase their understanding of the ecological functions of urban nature landscapes through our online platform. Our online platform includes Facebook, Instagram, and Wild Child Website.

Wild Child Edmonton Numbers at a Glance

  • Total hours outdoors 2019/2020: 6,025
  • Facebook Followers: 1,330
  • Facebook engagements: 13,601
  • Facebook reach: 182,828
  • Instagram Followers: 149
  • Participants: 936
  • Number of programs: 51

We will be following all public health, school, and childcare advice regarding COVID-19 in order to do our part to limit the spread of the virus. Our hope is that everything is back to normal as soon as possible; however, we are currently exploring our options to continue supporting our Wild Child community.

Registration & Fees 2020

  • ECO-Buddies (Grade 4-6): $330 (three-2 hr visits) or $115 (one-time visit)
  • Nature Immersion (Preschool, Kindergarten, and Grade 1) $330 (three-2 hr visits) or $115 (one-time visit)

Booking a School Program:

  • If you are interested in booking our School programs please submit the following information to our Wild Child Coordinator: edmwildchild@sierraclub.ca
  • Name of school and or early learning centre:
  • Address:
  • Name of teacher/educator:
  • Contact information (email & phone number):
  • Number of children:
  • Number of programs:
  • Program: (Nature Immersion or ECO-Buddies)